What follows is a brief summary of the 2002 Reunion Event.

The 2002 Reunion for the McKenzie High School Class of 1968 was a resounding success! The event began at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, May 25, when Terry Howell, MHS Principal, opened the school to the class alumni. Terry conducted a tour of the very impressive new facility, then the class enjoyed fellowship over a picnic lunch in the cafeteria area. First stop on the tour was the class composite display, which many class members contributed towards. The composite displays are visible on the left side of the following picture.

Several of our old teachers were invited, and Mrs. Barbara Boyd and Mrs. Naomi Blanks honored us with their presence. Mrs. Boyd is still teaching at MHS, but plans to retire next year. Mrs. Blanks left MHS the same year we did and spent the following 21 years at Bethel. Many of those present expressed their appreciation to Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Blanks for providing such a good foundation for our later lives. Mrs. Boyd and Terry Howell are below on the left, and many of the class members present pose with Mrs. Blanks on the right. Update: Sadly, Mrs. Blanks passed away in the summer of 2004. We were glad we had the opportunity to see her one last time.

The event continued in Jackson with much visiting, a great dinner, a short program, then dancing to the very entertaining band "Synergy" (The Oxfords got a much-deserved break this time).

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